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New Worlds

Writing is a way to create and explore new worlds—fantastical realms where the real and imaginary entangle.


Dr. Eric Hubbard is engaged by a nonhuman intelligence, one that will lead him on a mission to help bring about the transformation of human consciousness in order to prevent humanity from self-destructing.


An ode to Robert Bloch's terrifying novel, Psycho, Dark Muse explores the terrors lurking beneath the surface of the mind. A tale of twisted love and dark imaginings.


Born with the ability to communicate with nature, Alaina Landry finds herself entangled in a conflict between a dark force of nature that has created a plant-born insect that poses an existential threat to humanity and another force that has chosen her to carry the seed for a new species, one that could replace humans.

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Fantasy, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Horror

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