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Trevor Lang Carter

Trevor Lang Carter

Author and Lover of Cats

My journey to become a writer started when I was in high school. I wrote mostly poetry. It wasn't until many years later that I decided to start writing novels. Once I started, there was no looking back. I fell in love with every aspect of writing, from the initial draft to the last edit. Creating a fictional tale with fictional characters is like play to me. There's nothing I love more than to write works of fiction. For me, writing is a way to connect with other people, to explore the human mind, and to, of course, entertain.

Most of my novels explore the darkness within the human mind—what's known as the Shadow in Jungian terms. I feel that by looking deeply into the Shadow, one can find illumination—gain a better understanding of human nature. I'm convinced that the better we know ourselves, the better our lives will be. It is my hope, that through my work, if only in some small way, that I can help others learn something new about themselves and the world we live in; and do so in an entertaining way. It's a worthy goal, don't you think?



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