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A Curious Tale Indeed

A riveting magical tale that will take the reader on a journey through one of the most curious creations in the known universethe human mind.

From a tender age, Cora Alvin discovered her innate and curious abilities. These gifts materialized when she bore witness to the harrowing sight of her mother enduring the physical abuse inflicted by her live-in boyfriend. In the crucible of tragedy, Cora's true calling emerged, propelling her on a path of empowerment. With unwavering resolve, she embarked on a journey to become a psychologist, dedicated to healing the wounds of abused women and championing their cause.

Cora decides to use her knowledge of the occult and her unusual abilities to help the women in her support group. While assisting one of the women with her abusive partner, Cora encounters a malevolent entity called a "dreg." The entity seeks to destroy her and take her into the dark realm from whence it came.

Well-versed in the mystical arts, Cora seeks guidance from Valdis Berga, the individual responsible for imparting his profound knowledge of the occult to her. As a master occultist and a cherished mentor, Valdis agrees to aid Cora in her battle against the malevolent intruder, which has infiltrated the realm of humanity. Over the years, a close bond has formed between Cora and Valdis, strengthened by their shared knowledge and experiences with the occult. Together, they will face the darkness.

A tale of triumph, despair, courage, fear, magic, and hope.

Available on Amazon: Click Here

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