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Cosmic Communion

Having spent over two decades studying parapsychological phenomena and UFOs (one and the same), I decided to write a work of fiction that encapsulated the nature of strange phenomena. Below is the Prologue to my book, Cosmic Communion.

Humanity. A small wonder among the vastness of the cosmos. An intelligent species that survived against incredible odds; humans forged ahead, unfettered by the indifferent hand of Mother Nature. For millions of years, human consciousness evolved and expanded. Intelligence increased. With a more sophisticated brain, humans were able to devise weapons to kill one another more efficiently—over resources, over differences in beliefs, or simply to conquer and expand; that part of the human brain, that deleterious nebula of neurons, persists. Humans now possess technologies that can cause global destruction, killing every living creature on the planet.

There are forces at work on our planet—forces created by us, that move us like pawns in some cosmic game of chess. We go happily along from one square to the next, unaware that some ethereal hand is guiding us, leading us toward self-destruction. But something else stirs in the void, another intelligence—something nonhuman, that beckons us with a cajoling whisper: awaken.

Available on Amazon: Click here.

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