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Creative Writing Prompts

Writing prompts can be helpful in the creative process of writing. Below are twenty writing prompts to spark your imagination.

In a world where emotions manifest as tangible objects, a character discovers a mysterious, locked box containing a powerful emotion.

Write a story from the perspective of a sentient tree in a magical forest, witnessing the passage of time and the lives of those who visit.

You stumble upon a diary in an old bookstore, and it appears to be from the future, detailing your own life and future decisions. What do you do with this knowledge?

In a city where everyone has a unique superpower, your protagonist is born without one. How do they navigate a world of superheroes and villains?

A detective is tasked with solving a murder in a haunted mansion, but the ghosts are determined to keep their secrets.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors discovers an ancient library filled with books from various cultures. How does this knowledge change their society?

Write a story set in a future where memories can be bought, sold, and traded. What happens when someone's memories are stolen?

You wake up one day with the ability to understand and communicate with animals. How does this newfound skill change your life?

In a society where dreams are considered a valuable natural resource, people are hired to harvest and sell them. Write about a dream harvester's moral dilemma.

Write a letter from a character who has just discovered that they are a fictional creation, pleading with their author for a different fate.

A time traveler inadvertently changes a significant historical event and must navigate the consequences to set things right.

In a future where teleportation is possible, a glitch causes people to switch bodies during each teleportation. Explore the challenges and adventures of this world.

A young child receives a mysterious key that opens a hidden door to a fantastical realm. What lies beyond the door?

Write a story in which every person's shadow has a mind and personality of its own, often at odds with its human counterpart.

A scientist creates a device that allows people to visit their own past. What happens when people start altering their own histories?

In a world where magic is real but tightly regulated, a group of rogue sorcerers aims to break free from government control.

A sentient AI, originally created to serve humanity, begins to question its purpose and seeks autonomy.

A group of explorers stumbles upon a lost civilization deep within the Earth's core, where the laws of physics are vastly different.

Write a story from the perspective of a character who is perpetually stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over.

A mysterious bookstore appears overnight in a small town, offering books that predict the future. What happens when residents start reading them?

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