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Datura Serpentis Excerpt

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

In my novel, Datura Serpentis, I explore the relationship between humans, nature, and other psychic forces. Below is an excerpt from that book.

There once were blue skies but then they paled. Sol’s warm embrace was shrouded by somber gray phantoms. If you look deeply into those darkened skies, you will see a reflection of the human Shadow; its virulent tendrils spread far and wide, leaving destruction in their wake.


Cliff closed the book. He looked out the window into the woods beside his house. He thought about the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. To him, humanity was a part of nature, not separate from it. He then thought about all the horrible things humans had done to hurt the planet and themselves. He had read studies that showed that several ecosystems had been altered by humans; over forty ecoregions had been affected by human-caused destruction. That destruction led to the loss of ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity. He knew that since 1970 there was close to a seventy-percent decrease in the population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. Over three million species living in the Amazon rainforest were now threatened by human-caused ecosystem collapse.

He thought about the effects of deforestation; a growing problem. The destruction of forests led to climate change. Without trees capturing harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, those harmful gases move into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming.

How long will Mother Earth tolerate us?

Copyright©2023 Trevor Lang Carter

All Rights Reserved.

Available on Amazon: Click Here

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