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Datura Serpentis (New Release)

Now available on Amazon: Click HERE.

A gripping supernatural thriller from the author of Cosmic Communion and Lost in the Abyss. Datura Serpentis will leave you terrified and illuminated.

Born with the ability to communicate with nature, Alaina Landry finds herself entangled in a conflict between a dark force of nature that has created a plant-born insect that poses an existential threat to humanity and another force that has chosen her to carry the seed for a new species, one that could replace humans.

In this enchanted thriller, Datura Serpentis, the town of Cherokee, North Carolina is about to face a cataclysmic threat—one that sprouts from the earth itself. When a peculiar circle of plants emerge, unleashing a virulent insect that spells doom for humanity, Alaina Landry, a botanist, and her colleagues must race against time to halt its deadly proliferation. As Alaina, whose has a profound connection with Nature, delves into the mysteries of the botanical menace, she uncovers a startling revelation: Mother Nature, with her ruthless hand, is not only orchestrating humanity’s demise but is sculpting a new species from the ashes.

In this gripping tale that marries ecological peril with spiritual awakening, Datura Serpentis takes readers on a thrilling journey into the mind of Nature, where salvation and evolution intertwine in a dance of life and death. Will Alaina and her friends succeed in thwarting Nature’s sinister plan, or will a new species emerge that will usurp humanity’s throne?

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