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Fiction and the Supernatural

I'm sure many of you have read a work of fiction that had supernatural elements. Even romance authors sometimes weave the supernatural into their stories. I think including supernatural elements into a story can help make the the story richer and more entertaining, so long as those elements aren't used to cover up poor storytelling.

After studying parapsychological (paranormal) phenomena for close to thirty years, I often include those phenomena in my stories. I approach the subject of the paranormal as a skeptic but an open-minded skeptic. Based on my research, it seems clear to me that humans are sometimes confronted by phenomena that defies conventional explanation. As to the source of those phenomena, one can only speculate. Are they mere hallucinatory experiences? I don't think all of them are. After reviewing hundreds of reports of paranormal experiences, including UFO encounters, I have no doubt that some of those experiences have an objective reality to them.

My study of the paranormal, including the UFO Phenomenon, led me to research human consciousness. After all, without an observer, there is no phenomenon. Human consciousness, that elusive vitality that science struggles to understand, is at the heart of paranormal experiences. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that points to the human mind being partially responsible for some paranormal experiences. What I mean is. The human mind could be capable of projecting psychical machinations into physical manifestations. Some people refer to these manifestations as "tulpas." Tulpa is a Buddhist term. Another term used for them is, "thought form." I refer to them as psychoid manifestations. These manifestations are, in part, seem to be created by a person's unconscious mind. They often take on forms that match with the current cultural expectations and beliefs.

I think it's important for people to understand parapsychological phenomena. I use my works of fiction to educate the reader on these phenomena in an entertaining way.

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