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Glimpsing into the Psyche

The first novel I ever wrote is titled, Psychoid. It is a story about the light and darkness inside the human mind. When writing a novel that explores the human psyche, both light and dark seep out of the unconscious mind. Although sometimes painful, writing from the Shadow part of the mind creates a contrast with the more beautiful moments of the story.

What I hoped to accomplish with Psychoid was to show that even the vilest of people have love inside them. And that some of those people we call evil were not born that way. Environment and experience helped mold them into the monster they became.

In Psychoid, the antagonist, Thomas, suffers physical and emotional abuse as a child. After watching his father kill his little brother, the darkness inside of him begins to stir. As he gets older, he tries to find a way to gain control over his life. Misguided, he chooses the path of darkness, leading him to become a serial killer.

Will Thomas find the Light? Take the journey into the realm of the psyche and discover for yourself.

Psychoid is available on Amazon: Click Here

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