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Lost in the Abyss (Sneak Peek)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The pods descended back into the floor. They moved through a series of oval tunnels until they all ended up in the same ghastly room. The walls inside the room were covered with human bodies; they appeared to be melded with the pale red walls. Their faces were etched with despair; their mouths agape; their eyes blanched. Their gaunt bodies were pale and listless; cadaverous.

Sasha opened her eyes first. Her vision was blurred by the frosty glass but through the intermittent patches of fuzziness, she could see the horror protruding out of the walls.

Ewan and Maria opened their eyes. Like Sasha, they found that their voices stagnated. They screamed as she did, in the silence of their minds, as they looked at the wall of pain before them.

Out of a dark corner came a humanoid being wearing a tattered light gray robe with splatters of blood on it. The entity looked somewhat human but had dark oblong eyes and a bulbous head. Its lips appeared to have been sliced off by a ragged blade; it had jagged yellow teeth. As it moved along the wall, it flicked its long, black tongue out of its mouth, licking the faces of the poor souls it had trapped there. In its right hand was a knife with a serrated blade, stained red.

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