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Psychoid Rebirth - Sneak Peek

The first novel I published, Psychoid, is my favorite novel. I love everything about the characters, the setting, and how the story progresses. But over the past couple of months, after re-reading the book, I thought I could better tell the story with a rewrite. Below is a sneak peek of the new Psychoid.


Psychoid by Trevor Lang Carter, Copyright 2023, Trevor Lang Carter, All Rights Reserved.

Things seen. Things unseen. Flesh and phantoms. The implicate and explicate order—enfolding and unfolding. Matter and energy, forever entangled in the act of creation and destruction, continue on, unfettered by human will. But what of consciousness, that imperceptible vitality that remains so elusive to the tools of science? Does it extend beyond the boundaries of time and space, in some ethereal realm?

Mildred was in bed, reading another one of her husband’s books: Psychic Entities: Myth and Reality.

Paranormal phenomena can best be explained in terms of a relativist perspective postulation that such phenomena are entities with both physical and nonphysical characteristics. The paranormal cannot be explained in terms of mental functioning alone. There are multiple sources of energy involved: radioactive, nuclear, gravitational, electromagnetic, and other unknown forms of physical energy.

Materializations normally occur when a person is in an altered state of consciousness. This does not exclude the possibility of the materialized thought form taking on physical characteristics. In an altered state, the human acts as a medium, allowing some other form of consciousness (possibly nonhuman) to enter the physical world. Then there are cases where a part of human consciousness produces psychic manifestations. From the unconscious, or collective unconscious, these mental constructs become physical entities that are capable of interacting with the physical world. But their existence is short-lived in the human realm. They must have an adequate amount of energy in order to solidify and obtain a social identity. To obtain that energy, they must feed. There are both positive and negative entities. Positive entities feed on positive emotions like love, friendship, and empathy. Negative entities feed on hate, anger, and every other form of dark thought that’s created by the human mind. Some parapsychologists refer to the negative entities as ‘psychic vampires.’ They sometimes linger in the void. But under certain conditions, they find a host (witting or unwitting) and undergo the process of materialization.

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