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Shadow Realm: Sneak Peek

In my novel, Shadow Realm, I explore the human Shadow - that dark part of the human psyche. Below is an excerpt from that story.

The serpentine branches of the twisted tree intertwined with a snake-like humanoid whose scaly skin was the color of beryl, the circumference of each scale was lined with crimson. A vile appendage slipped through the creature’s lipless mouth, grasping a passion fruit between two slivers of a forked tongue. The delicate, succulent lips of a strikingly beautiful woman wrapped around the fruit, eviscerating the forbidden within. Her chin was covered with an orange liquid that dripped onto her majestic breasts; her nipples were licked into hardness by the warm, virulent juice. Her opalescent eyes were wide and bright, drowning in exquisite ecstasy, induced by the pungent nectar; beguiled; darkly illuminated. A long, scaly tail wrapped around her waist and slid between her legs, penetrating deep inside; pestiferous insemination. The woman moaned as the tail pulsed inside her.

Available on Amazon.

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