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The "Writer's Block" Excuse

Google writer's block. The definition you get back will probably state something like this: 'The inability to think of something to write.'

Therein lies the issue—thinking. You don't need to think in order to write. I would venture that some of the greatest writers don't always think on a conscious level when they're writing. I know I don't (please note that I'm not comparing myself to great writers). The writing process involves thinking on a conscious level at times. But the core of the writing comes from the unconscious mind, in my opinion.

I think writer's block is mostly an excuse. Not that a person is unwilling or incapable of writing because they can't think of anything to write. It's an excuse not to try. Perhaps it's fear that's holding someone back from laying pen to paper or fingers to keys. We're all self-critical. That self-critical nature can inhibit us, and keep us from moving forward. Maybe they're afraid that what they write is going to absolutely suck. You're going to write a lot of sucky material when you're writing, especially if you're a newbie. Accept it and move on.

For the past fourteen months, I have written every day; I've never faltered. There have been days, especially in the beginning, when my mind was blank. I quickly discovered the key to overcoming the so-called, "writer's block." Just write. Don't think. Write. There are many different exercises you can do to get yourself going, to stir your creative juices. You can find countless writing prompts on the internet or in books.

One way in which I get myself moving with my writing is to create two characters, give them just a little backstory (profession, name, the basics), and put them into a scene talking about a specific subject. You might be surprised at how quickly your muse comes alive.

I wrote a book to help people move past the excuses. If you want to move forward but feel stuck, you can find my book on Amazon (see link below). But you don't have to buy my book. There are other books that I'm sure are equally as good if not better. There are tons of free resources online.

Now, get out your pen and paper or laptop, push the doubts and fears out of your mind, and start writing. Write away!

A link to my book, A Creative Writer's Workshop - Click Here

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