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UAP: A Psychic Phenomenon

In my latest book, UAP: A Psychic Phenomenon, I explore the idea of UAPs/UFOs being part of a control system. I expand upon Jacque Vallee's idea.

The concept of a psychic control system operating through electromagnetic fields aligns well with both scientific and speculative elements. I’ve wondered for some time now how such a system would work. The information below is a speculative assessment of how the control system might function.


Brainwave Resonance:

·        The psychic control system taps into the electromagnetic fields generated by the human brain, particularly the electrical activity associated with brainwaves. By resonating with specific frequencies, the system can influence and synchronize a person's consciousness or maybe even the collective consciousness of humanity.

·        The UFO Phenomenon employs a type of neurofeedback mechanism. Some people who have been close to a UAP have reported feeling a temporal disturbance. Time seems to slow down. They might experience psychological and physiological effects. By acquiring psychological information about the percipient, the UAP can then alter the person's psychology. Some people who have encountered a UAP, undergo a personality change.

Global Electromagnetic Grid:

·        Earth has a natural electromagnetic field, and the psychic control system could create a sophisticated grid that interacts with and amplifies the planet's electromagnetic forces. This grid facilitates a seamless connection with the electromagnetic fields produced by human brains, enabling a two-way flow of information and influence.

Amplification Nodes:

·        Certain locations on Earth could serve as amplification nodes, where the natural electromagnetic field is enhanced to create hotspots for psychic influence. These nodes might coincide with Earth's natural energy centers or ley lines, concentrating the system's effects on local populations.

Individual Brainwave Profiling:

·        The system may possess advanced technology to profile and understand the unique electromagnetic signatures of individual brains. This allows for personalized influence, tailoring guidance, and evolutionary nudges based on an individual's specific needs, experiences, and potential contributions to the collective consciousness or some other goal of the control system.

Consciousness Feedback Loop:

·        The electromagnetic fields generated by human brains could create a feedback loop with a psychic control system. As individuals contribute their thoughts and emotions to the collective consciousness, the system adapts its influence in response, creating a dynamic and evolving relationship.

Subtle Emotional Guidance:

·        The system communicates subtle emotional cues or intuitions through electromagnetic fields. These cues might manifest as feelings of interconnectedness, empathy, or inspiration, guiding individuals toward choices that align with the system's evolutionary objectives.

·        It is clear, based on eyewitness testimony, that UFOs and their occupants can alter a person's emotional state. They can also change a person's worldview.

Resonance with Earth's Schumann Resonance:

·        A psychic control system could harmonize with Earth's natural Schumann Resonance, a global electromagnetic resonance in the Earth-ionosphere cavity. This resonance could serve as a carrier wave for the system's influence, ensuring a pervasive and coherent connection with human consciousness.

A question presents itself in light of my speculative Psychic Control System concept: what is the control system's ultimate purpose?

To answer that question, we have to look deeply at the testimony of those who've had experiences. We must also look at the historical encounters with parapsychological phenomena, not just modern-day accounts of "flying saucers." That includes looking at religious miracles and manifestations. That light shining down from heaven might be from an angel, an alien spaceship, or feedback from a psychic control system. The control system I propose does have a feedback mechanism. It reflects to us our hopes and fears. I also think that we, either as individuals or as a collective, influence how the manifestations appear. It is possibly a co-creative process.

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