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Writing Fantasy

Most of my works of fiction have elements of fantasy in them. There's nothing like using the imagination to create new worlds and otherworldly beings. But below the aesthetical layer is another layer that is very human. Assigning morals, emotions, and quirks to fantasy characters is born from one's experience in the real world, interfacing with human beings.

Lost in the Abyss, my most recent novel, has multiple layers-many different worlds. There's the human world. Then there's the simulated world. But intertwined with both of those worlds there are even more worlds-astral realms. There's one common denominator throughout all those worlds-the human mind. Those realms and the beings that live in them are anthropomorphized-built from human experience and imagination. Although my novels do move the characters into fantastical realms, the heart of my stories remains tied to the human condition.

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