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Writing Prompts

Writing prompts can be a useful way to generate ideas for your work of fiction, whether it's for an idea for a new story or to help reinvigorate your creative juices for a story you're already working on.

Below are ten writing prompts to help you generate new ideas. Most of the writing prompts are somewhat silly but that's the point. They are designed to help you think outside the box.

Writing Prompts

  1. You meet a stranger while sitting in a café by yourself. Before they leave, they place a small black box on your table and say, "Do not open until tomorrow at noon."

  2. You arrive home from work one day and find an alien sitting in your kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. They ask you what's for dinner.

  3. You discover that your spouse has hired someone to kill you.

  4. You and some friends venture to a cabin for the weekend. When you walk into the cabin, Bigfoot is sitting in the living room drinking a beer and eating Cheetos.

  5. You walk into the grocery store one day to discover that everyone inside is frozen in place.

  6. You go to a friend's house to visit. As you're sitting and talking, your friend's face starts to melt off. Underneath is the face of a hideous, nonhuman creature.

  7. You're sitting on your back porch one day when a fairy comes out of the woods behind your house and tells you that you need to move your house, that your house was built on top of their sacred burial ground.

  8. Your husband tells you that he has fallen in love with your sister and they are going to move in together.

  9. You discover that your eighty-year-old neighbor is actually a serial killer and has several children locked in his basement.

  10. You go to church one Sunday morning and everyone there is dressed in dark cloaks. The preacher has glowering red eyes.

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