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Character Quirks

Almost everyone has quirks—memorable traits. Some are more subtle than others. Adding quirks to your character can help bring them to life and give them depth. Below is a list of quirks to consider.

Winks at particular characters - An amorous or obsessed individual

High pitched voice - A young person or eunuch

Constantly rubs hands - Nervous or overly cleanly person

Speaks slowly - Old or steady-going persons

Twirls mustache/hair - Someone who is easily bored or overtly evil

Gives nicknames to people - Calls people by hair color or other feature

Picks nose/ears often - A young or habitual person

Scratches butt - An uncouth person

Refuses low quality food - Someone with a fear of germs or rich person

Constantly uses hands when talking - A salesperson or someone who likes to exaggerate

Rubs eyes and forehead - A person who does not sleep very well/often

Criticizes everything - Someone with high standards or doesn’t do a lot of work

Sniffs things/people - A socially challenged creature/person who likes smells

Adjusts clothes/glasses - Someone who doesn’t spend money on well fitting attire

Constantly checks the time - A nervous business person with a pocket watch

Twirls hair - A nervous person or someone who is self-soothing

Rubs chin - Someone is contemplating

Taps fingers on lips - Someone who is thinking of what to say

Adjusting their clothes often - Someone who is a neat freak

Taps index finger on temple - Someone who is thinking

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