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The Reality of UFOs

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The UFO Phenomenon is complex and elusive. It appears from time to time, manifesting in our world like a phantom, leaving only traces of its presence behind. Are we dealing with extraterrestrial visitors, interdimensional visitors, or some other form of consciousness that is native to our planet? Given the history of parapsychological manifestations (UFOs included), it seems that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis does not offer a good solution to the problem. That’s not to say that the possibility of an extraterrestrial intelligence being present on Earth. But UFOs, whatever they might be, are not necessarily objects in the strictest definition of the word. They are more like windows into another reality—portals.

In my novel, Cosmic Communion, I explore the UFO Phenomenon and its influence on humanity. Part of that influence, in my opinion, involves the expansion of human consciousness and our perception of what reality is. Below are excepts from my novel that I think encapsulate the theme of the story and elucidate the complexity of the phenomenon.


The mind constructs the phenomenal world, deriving information from the senses. Sensory information is structured by the mind; the process of conceptualization begins. A consensus reality emerges—a shared illusion. Then something enters into that consensus reality—an anomaly. The mind expands, attempting to make sense of the anomaly. New ideas emerge, pushing the mind to create new concepts that will permit the anomaly to exist within the boundaries of consensus reality. But some anomalies defy conceptualization. Like a child playing with geometrical blocks, attempting to place the circle block of wood into the cube’s designation for the square, the mind desperately attempts to fit the anomaly into its concept of reality. It is evident to me that humanity’s concept of reality must change.

Something has penetrated our three-dimensional world; shifting in and out of reality like a phantom. UFOs, whatever they may be, exist in two worlds simultaneously; producing physical effects but acting in ways that defy known scientific laws. How do two seemingly solid objects merge with one another without producing a destructive force? Try to push two eggs together; get the paper towels ready! How does an object appear in one location in the sky, disappear, and reappear less than a second later several miles away from its original location, without the slightest hint of propulsion; no contrail? How can a seemingly solid object change shape?

I believe that UFOs are showing us that reality is much more complex than we know. The universe, everything that we comprehend with our minds, could be ‘omnijective’—neither objective nor subjective. It lies somewhere in between. Our senses tell us that there is an objective world—one that we can see, touch, smell, taste, and feel. Our mind is what deciphers the information from our senses. Everything in the universe is information. What we call three-dimensional reality is nothing more than a construct created from a higher order of reality. The same is true with time. Time is an illusion created by the mind. The human brain mathematically constructs objective reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension that exists beyond time and space (ref. David Bolm). The universe is nothing more than a three-dimensional projection of information. UFOs, like the universe, have an ‘omnijective’ nature.

There is a holographic principle at work in the universe. Each part contains the whole. We human beings seek the answers out there, in the cosmos. But the answers are not out there; they’re inside of us. I think this is one of the lessons that the phenomenon is trying to teach us. ‘You must close your eyes before you can see.’ I cannot help but think of human DNA. Each strand of DNA in the double helix serves as a pattern for duplicating the sequence of bases. When a cell divides, the new cell contains an exact copy of the DNA in the other cell. Within each of us human beings, we contain the DNA of the universe.

Based on my research over the past two decades, it is clear to me now that the intelligence behind UFOs is acting as a deconstructing agent. This fact has become abundantly clear to me after meeting Eric Hubbard. What is it deconstructing? It is deconstructing our concepts of space and time, reality, and our place in the cosmos. It is also, along with us, reconstructing our existing ideas, co-creating new ideas, concepts, and new beliefs.

“Everything is misinformation.” The visuals and sounds produced by UFOs are not what they seem. There are subliminal modalities at work during a close encounter; the experiencer is being rewired on an unconscious level. We still don’t understand the language of the unconscious. Perhaps the UFO intelligence does.

Liminality—one of the words imprinted in Eric’s mind. A word suggesting that a UFO encounter might be an initiation—a rite of passage—moving the experiencer through stages of learning. Liminality brings the dissolution of order, enabling the phenomenon to establish a new set of rules—a new order. The stages relating to the structure of this process are preliminal rites—metaphorical death (deconstructing old ideas), liminal rites—the establishment of a sequence of events to occur under the direction of the phenomenon, and post liminal rites—the person is re-incorporated into society with new beliefs and ideas (Ref. Arnold van Gennep).

Why the phenomenon has chosen Eric is yet unknown to me. Perhaps it chose Eric because of his openness to receiving new information, his desire to learn, his mental acuity at understanding scientific concepts, and his willingness to go against the grain—against the scientific establishment. Still, I feel there is something else—some other reason Eric was chosen.

Coming into the presence of this intelligence, the one behind the real UFO sightings brings to mind the idea of hierophany (a manifestation of the sacred). Throughout human history, humans have encountered, what they consider to be, a higher order of beings. These beings present themselves as superior in every way (physically, intellectually, technologically, and spiritually). By doing this, they play upon the human desire to have some divine source solve all their problems, to divulge the secrets of the universe, and to raise them up beyond their lowly human state. In other words, these beings offer humans salvation. But at what cost does that salvation come? Should we hand over our minds to the shining being that claims to be an angel from God or some highly advanced extraterrestrial who has come to save us from ourselves? We should proceed with caution.

A distinction must be made. First, there appears to be two phenomena that share common characteristics. On one hand, you have a phenomenon that seems to emanate from us. It manifests by utilizing natural, geophysical forces (and possibly via some artificial force). These forces interact with human consciousness (the unconscious) and appear in a form that is acceptable to the percipient’s expectation. For some, they appear as angelic beings. To others, they appear as extraterrestrials. The other phenomenon appears to come from a nonhuman intelligence, possibly a form of consciousness that has interacted with humans for centuries. The source of that intelligence might be unknowable. What is known by those who have taken the time to investigate thoroughly, is that the nonhuman consciousness (or extended human consciousness) has been and is still at work on this planet. How do we engage this intelligence?

There is a pervasive desire inside of me to look inside the machinery that creates UFO experiences, to understand the inner workings. Unfortunately, accessing the machinery doesn’t seem possible. What we are left with are the effects it produces on us and the environment.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”—Albert Einstein.

Humanity is one organism whose mind is fragmented—a mind that has created psychic forces that have worked against us for thousands of years. Those forces have masqueraded as angels, demons, fairies, elves, gods, and numerous other nonhuman entities. Now they present themselves as extraterrestrial visitors. Regardless of what these psychoid manifestations say, their agenda is clear to me: divide and destroy.

There is an awakening coming. The seeds have been planted. The children of tomorrow will dream new dreams. Instead of focusing on developing technology to destroy one another, they will develop technology to heal the psychic sickness that has infested the human mind. There will be no more division. There will be unity. The abolition of ignorance will come. Many minds—one goal: liberation.

The UFO intelligence has been with humanity since the beginning, directing our evolutionary path, and evolving our consciousness. But we have resisted. We have created psychic forces along the way that have impeded our progress. Those forces do not serve us. We are all creators with an enormous amount of power. It is within our power to save ourselves. The UFO intelligence is not separate from us. It is a part of us. It always has been.


Having researched, studied, and investigated UFOs for close to thirty years now, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a real phenomenon. I am not convinced that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. The phenomenon could have multiple sources. One of those sources could be an intelligence native to this planet, a type of consciousness that is pervasive.

I must clarify how I define UFOs. I do not see UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) as simply material objects. They do have a physical aspect. That much is clear. But more than that, they have a psychic component; they affect the human psyche in profound ways.

Most people are fascinated by the materialized objects, the UFOs themselves, but to me that's the least important aspect of the phenomenon. The most important aspect is how they affect us an individuals (for those who have encountered them) and as a species. The psychological impact they have on us is enormous.

Cosmic Communion is available on Amazon.

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