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The UFO Phenomenon (Part One)

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

For close to thirty years, I have been utterly fascinated by UFOs. I have spent countless hours reading books, research papers, listening to eyewitness testimony, and even doing my own investigations. During that time, I have learned a great deal about the phenomenon. The general public has only a general understanding of the nature of UFOs. I am going to produce a series of blog posts concerning what I've learned about them and other parapsychological phenomena over the years. Welcome to part one.

UFOs, in my opinion, are just another manifestation of parapsychological (paranormal) phenomena. They could be the product of an extrapsychic force or a nonhuman intelligence.

Altered States

Based on the numerous reports of UFO/UAP close encounters, it appears that UAPs have

the ability to put percipients into an altered state. The person’s sensitivity to UAP energies

could also be a factor in whether or not an anomalous experience occurs.

I refer to the work of Dr. Michael Persinger, who experimented with the “God Helmet,” to explain my point. Originally called the “Koren Helmet,” this device was used by Persinger and Stanley Koren to study religious experience and the effects of stimulating the temporal lobes with electromagnetic fields. Some participants in these studies had various “mystical” experiences. Others were not affected at all. Those who did have experiences could have a greater sensitivity to the electromagnetic fields emitted from the helmet. There could be other factors that determine the content of the experience, such as a person’s beliefs. I have examined several cases involving anomalous experiences and there seems to be a correlation between the person’s beliefs and how the phenomenon manifests. For instance, experiences that involve religious figures, such as visions of the Virgin Mary, happen to people who are already religious. This may not be true in all cases.

UAPs use a combination of lights, sounds, and possibly motion to create a distortion of reality and induce an altered state. The mechanisms involved appear to use microwaves and electromagnetic energy, based on the research of James McCampbell and others. UAP could be informational agents used to change our perception of reality. The lights, sounds, and movement of the objects are part of the induction phase which eventually leads to deeper levels of communication. Consciousness is directly affected by electromagnetic energy, the same type of energy that possibly encountered in close encounters. What ideas or impressions are received by the percipient that bypasses conscious awareness? There could be information transmitted subliminally during or after the induction phase. One common sound often heard during close encounters is a hum. This sound could have an effect on the human mind, as well as the entire body, similar to the effects of the Om sound used during meditation. The purpose of using the Om mantra is to align the mind with the breath, enabling the person to enter an elevated or altered state of consciousness. Some studies indicate that the nervous system is affected by vibratory sensations.

In addition to electromagnetic energy, pulsed microwaves could also be involved in UAP close encounters. Motor control can be interrupted by slower pulses of microwaves. This could explain the reported paralysis in many close encounter cases. Pulsed microwaves can also induce disruption in the brain tissue, which produces behavioral dysfunction. The pulsation of a microwave source has also been shown to produce auditory effects in the inner ear, which sends signals to the brain. In some close encounter cases, the percipient reported hearing a buzzing sound. Some people working near microwave transmitting stations have reported hearing this sound.

Reference (Pulsed Microwave Energy Tranduction of Acoustic Phonon Related Brain Injury, www.frontiersinorg/articles/10.3389/fneur.2020.00753/full).

I propose that during the close encounter the percipient’s body and mind are fully engaged by the UAP. They receive communication, often telepathically, and experience physiological effects. There could also be unconscious communication occurring that may later surface in the percipient’s memory or influence their behavior. Some report feeling an attraction to the UAP, which under normal circumstances they would not. UAP can switch off fear and anxiety. They can also induce fear and anxiety. This strongly suggests that the controlling intelligence has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the brain, which could indicate the human unconscious intelligence is responsible. For example, the entity associated with the UAP might tell the percipient to not be afraid. The percipient feels a sense of calm and relaxation. This could be considered a hypnotic suggestion. The experience of encountering UAP can sometimes change a percipient’s personality.

Percipients often report that during a UAP close encounter, they neglected to take a picture or video of the object, despite having the equipment readily available to them. This could be a direct result of the UAP creating a kind of stupor in the percipient. This is a state of mind similar to daydreaming, where focus on the external world diminishes. UAP appears to have cloaking abilities, possibly hiding in parts of the electromagnetic spectrum not visible by the human eye. If they are hidden in this manner, then taking a photograph or video of the object would be pointless, unless the camera has infrared capabilities.

UAP close encounters appear to occur when the percipient is in a type of hypnotic or meditative state where the predominant brainwaves could be in the delta and theta range (1 to 8 Hz). According to Dr. Jan Philamon, about 80% of the population can be induced into a hypnotic state in the theta range, which is a “medium-level” trance state. The central nervous system regulates body functions, such as emotional states and sleep. Electrical stimulation of the thalamus can increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin regulates mood and sleep. Microwaves can also produce sleep-inducing chemicals. Close encounters are similar to sleep paralysis in as much that the percipient is sometimes paralyzed, but can fully see the environment around them. I’m not suggesting these encounters are caused by sleep paralysis, although there may be some cases where this is true. The majority of cases I’ve studied suggest that the experiencer is fully awake when the experience begins.

The study of brainwaves is important to understanding paranormal experiences. The brain is directly affected by these experiences. Eyewitness accounts can help us determine how the brain may have been affected based on the reported effects. UAP close encounters sometimes involve the transference of knowledge, either consciously or unconsciously. A brain in the Theta state can absorb an enormous amount of information. It is a state of heightened receptivity. Neural pathways are stimulated as a result of theta frequencies balancing the mind. Theta activity triggers the formation of new, more complex neuronal connections. External stimuli can possibly entrain the brain frequency, moving it from one stage to another. Beyond any doubt, paranormal phenomena affect the human brain. In some cases, it appears intentional. There could be instances where the effects are a byproduct of some technology.

The pendulum motion is commonly reported in UAP cases. Pendulums have been used to aid in hypnotic induction. We could also view the actions of UAP as symbolic, borrowing imagery and symbols from the unconscious mind. Physical manifestations may not be the actual cause of the induction into a meditative state, but are projections from the human mind that are symbolic of the hypnotic induction occurring. We could view this symbolic perception as feedback from the unconscious. I recommend reading, 'The Holographic Universe' by Michael Talbot.

Control Mechanisms

Observational data of UAP close encounter cases indicates that the percipients involved are affected by a technology that utilizes electromagnetic energy and microwaves, and perhaps other unknown forces. These findings have been thoroughly detailed by James McCampbell in his paper, Effects of UFOs on People. In addition to the physiological effects detailed in McCampbell’s paper, there is possibly another mechanism used by UAP to engage the percipient on a psychological level. This mechanism is similar to biofeedback and neurofeedback, which are used to measure and change bodily functions and neurological activity of the brain.

Biofeedback is a technique used to help people control bodily functions. It can measure physiological changes in the body, such as heart rate. Sensors detect changes in the body, which triggers a signal. The signal could be a sound or a flashing light displayed on a video screen. This is the feedback mechanism of the system. Over time, this helps a person learn to consciously alter the signal. In some UAP close encounters, people report that the UAP seems to be in control of their bodily functions. They are psychologically and physiologically engaged with an unknown force. I propose that this force, which emanates from the UAP, is gathering physiological information from the experiencer. This information is used by the UAP intelligence to manage the person’s physiological state during the encounter. In some cases, people report feeling anxious when they first encounter UAP. Then suddenly, they become relaxed. Physiological responses have neurological correlates. This brings us to the next mechanism, neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback, another type of biofeedback, is used to measure brainwaves and alter the way the brain works by using operant conditioning. Operant conditioning works by giving the participant both desirable and undesirable results. Close encounters often involve a type of mind-to-mind link between the experiencer and the UAP intelligence. When the link is established, the UAP intelligence could be collecting neurological information from the experiencer. It then provides feedback, on an unconscious level, to establish new brain wave patterns. These new patterns lead to marked personality changes in the experiencer.

Another mechanism involved in paranormal phenomena, including UAP close encounters, involves geophysical forces that sometimes manifest as luminous balls of light. Michael Persinger did extensive work in this area of study. According to Persinger, natural geophysical forces related to tectonic stress are responsible for some UAP. These forces escalate months or even years before earthquakes. Persinger states that UAP reports should precede earthquakes, but encounters can occur during adjustment periods. These stresses cause physical manifestations of earthquake lights (Earthlights). UAP encounters can occur anywhere, because tectonic stress is never zero at any particular location. However, reports of these lights should occur more frequently in geological areas undergoing significant stress. Persinger’s analysis of tectonic stresses during certain time periods indicates that there seems to be a correlation between these stresses and UFO flaps. Flaps include an increase in sightings over a specific period of time. These natural stresses generate powerful fields of natural forces. These energy fields stimulate parts of the brain, causing the percipient to experience a dream-like state, in which they have a variety of experiences. These natural forces could involve the same quality of electromagnetic energy that Persinger experimented with using the “God Helmet.” However, Persinger also states that there are “countless cosmic forces” involved in the manifestations.

In part two, I discuss the psychic aspects of UAP.

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