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Thriller Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts can be a useful tool for stimulating the imagination. Below are twenty writing prompts for thrillers.

  1. As a storm rages outside, a passenger on a seemingly routine flight realizes that the person seated next to them is not who they appear to be.

  2. A detective receives a mysterious message from an unknown source, detailing a series of crimes about to take place. Can they stop the perpetrator in time?

  3. A journalist stumbles upon a hidden government conspiracy that could change the course of history. Now, they're being pursued by powerful forces who will stop at nothing to silence them.

  4. A psychologist is called to a remote asylum to evaluate a patient who claims to be possessed by a malevolent entity. Is it a hoax or a genuine case of possession?

  5. A group of friends on a camping trip discovers a secret underground facility in the wilderness, housing dangerous experiments. They must find a way to escape before they become test subjects.

  6. A person wakes up in a locked room with no memory of how they got there. The room is slowly filling with water, and they must decipher cryptic clues to escape.

  7. In a small town, people begin to disappear without a trace, and a local detective is determined to solve the mystery. The key to the puzzle might lie in the town's dark history.

  8. A bestselling author starts receiving manuscripts from an anonymous source. The chilling stories are eerily similar to real-life murders, and the author becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth.

  9. A renowned archaeologist unearths an ancient artifact that holds a powerful and deadly secret. Now, they must protect it from those who seek to harness its dark power.

  10. A computer hacker stumbles upon a hidden online forum where people are placing bets on disturbing, real-life events. They must infiltrate the group and expose the culprits.

  11. A family moves into a historic mansion only to discover that it's haunted by vengeful spirits. They must unravel the mansion's dark past to save themselves.

  12. A former detective is lured out of retirement to solve a series of gruesome murders mirroring cases from their past. Is it a copycat or a personal vendetta?

  13. An AI-driven social media platform seems to predict users' deaths with eerie accuracy. A tech-savvy journalist investigates the platform, putting their own life at risk.

  14. A scientist working on a top-secret project inadvertently opens a portal to another dimension. Now, they must find a way to close it before unknown entities from the other side enter our world.

  15. An investigative journalist is on the brink of exposing a powerful crime syndicate. As they get closer to the truth, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

  16. In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors seeks refuge in an underground bunker. As supplies run low, they must confront betrayal, secrets, and the true purpose of the bunker.

  17. A young woman starts having vivid, terrifying dreams that seem to predict a series of murders. Is she a psychic or the next victim on the killer's list?

  18. A spy is framed for a crime they didn't commit and must go on the run to clear their name, all while evading their own government's relentless pursuit.

  19. A brilliant scientist creates a groundbreaking invention with the potential to change the world. As world powers vie for control, the scientist must protect their creation from falling into the wrong hands.

  20. In a remote, snowbound mountain lodge, a group of strangers becomes trapped during a blizzard. As tensions rise and the power goes out, they realize that one among them is a killer.

Happy writing!

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