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Writing Exercise

This exercise involves continuing the dialogue between two characters. I sometimes use this exercise when I find it challenging to come up with new ideas.

“Why did you say that?” asked Peter.

Joan, leering at Peter, answered, “You know why.”

“Why did you come back, Denise?” asked Juan.

“Because I love you,” Denise replied.

“I’m an old man,” said Mr. Davis.

“That you are, Mr. Davis. But you’re also very wise,” said Tommy.

“Do you want to explain to me why you failed to do as I asked?” said Rosa.

Billy looked confused. He shrugged. “I… I don’t know.”

“We have to get to the church before he gets there,” Rita said, looking at Milton.

Milton, his brow furrowed, asked, “Why?”

“Have you ever wondered if there’s life on other planets?” asked Sam.

Timothy waggled his head. “Yeah. I think everyone has. Why do you ask?”

“Let’s go into business together,” Tammy said.

“I don’t know, Tammy. What type of business?” asked Sarah.

“Why are you upset, Candice? What is it?” asked Mr. Jenkins.

Candice, her eyes moist, said, “I feel so alone inside.”

“Are you afraid of failing?” asked Kendra.

Amy sighed. “Yes. I guess I am.”

“Do you think there’s life after death?” asked Rosa, gazing at Cory.

Cory perked out his lips. “I don’t know. There has to be more to life than this.”

“You and your crazy ideas,” said Mr. Walters, shaking his head.

“Crazy to you, maybe. I don’t like your attitude,” Peter said.

“I’m trying to get inside that thick skull of yours, Leo,” said Cassie.

“You won’t like what you find inside,” said Leo.

“There comes a time in every person’s life when they question why they exist,” Bill ruminated.

“Sure,” said Zuri. “I’ve thought about it many times.”

“Don’t blame me, Nina,” said Abigail.

“Whom should I blame then?” asked Abigail, her brow wrinkled with anger.

“Why are you always so negative?” asked Leah, narrowing her eyes at Anne.

“Because it keeps me from being disappointed,” said Anne.

“I can’t believe you just said that to me, Jacob,” said Sasha.

“What? I just told you the truth.”

“Let me tell you a story about a time when I had to face something I feared,” said Mr. Perez.

“I didn’t think you had any fear,” said Paul and grinned.

“Can you believe that Ms. Chapman actually said that?” asked Yuki.

“What are you talking about?” asked Akira.

“You ever get that feeling inside that someone is watching you?” asked Ethan.

“Yeah. Someone is watching us right now,” said Chad.

“I’m tired of working there,” said Cassandra.

Peter grinned. “Find another job.”

“I’m confused,” said Connor.

“About what?” asked Milly.

Try constructing your own dialogue and see what you come up with. It’s also very helpful if you can get your emotions in tune with the characters.

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